Kitchen Care

Fay Cling Film

Kenya's leading food packaging brand. Fay cling film has Optacling® technology that makes the film cling tightly when used as a wrapping for all foods. It seals in freshness & flavour keeping food appetizingly fresh.

Fay Foil

Kenya's Leading food packaging brand. Fay foil is extra thick and provides the most effective packaging solution for any food that requires a total protection barrier. Prevents food contamination and keep foods piping hot and fresh.

Fay Kitchen Towels

Kenya's leading premium tissue brand. Fay Kitchen Towels come with Unique thirst pockets that make the towels even stronger & more absorbent than ever before

Kleenex Kitchen Towels

World's leading tissue brand with new Hydrasorb® technology, the towels are thicker & thirstier than ever before

Kleenex Serviettes

World's leading tissue brand supersoft serviettes for use in the home, at bbq’s, picnics or any other occasion.

Cosy Serviettes

Everyday value serviettes that are made extra strong to last long.